All About Me

Also known as: Who am I? And why am I here? Or rather, why am I here and why are you listening to me?

(The Answers: I am Spartacus. I'm here because without me, who would my worshiping minions follow? You are listening to me because I hope you will become as addicted to my obsessions as I am)

Name: Tammy
Age: 18
Location: Lovely Southern California (go ahead, be jealous...we have the best weather in the entire universe...)
Hobbies: Lax, Roswell, hockey...basically any sport b/c I'm a sports, not fan--not nut....sports fanatic (kay, so basically fan and fanatic are the same thing, but fanatic sounds so much more...obsessive), coming up with new words, finding new ways to annoy people
5 adjectives that describe me: enthusiastic, energetic, dedicated, self-conscious, spaztastical (yes, that is a word)
Still wanna know more about me?: Freak. Yeesh, like the 5 adjs weren't enough? *g* Check out my diary.

The Obsessions:

(Let's start with the real world since I don't acutally live in it...)

The amazing world of hockey:

Who do I love?
The Stars!
When do I wanna watch them?

Yes, yes, it is true. I love the Dallas Stars. I fell in love with them my sophmore year of h/s. I was obsessed with Michael Guerin/Brendan Fehr and he loved hockey, so, of course, I had to check it out. Watched them play against the Oilers in the playoffs and have been hooked ever since. What can I say, I love defense.

So the amazing story of how I came to love Mike Modano....

Okay, so you know I started watching the Oilers/Stars way back when in 2000. Well, I was also obsessed w/Michael Guerin. So who's name do I keep hearing the announcer say? Guerin! So I spaz out and go online to check out the Oiler's roster and find a wonderful Bill Guerin. Only, looking at the stat sheets, I have no idea what anything is and suddenly hockey and Billy don't seem so interesting.

Later that week I saw a few minutes of a Blues game. Thought it sucked and was convinced that hockey really wasn't my thing. Then, I saw another Stars/Oilers game. Got hooked again. This time a little old hockey player named Mike Keane scored a goal. Mike--Michael Guerin-->Get it? So I spazzed out again and went to go check out the Stars and their stats. Again, I have no idea what the heck any of it means.

Over the process of the playoffs, I realized that I wasn't in love so much with hockey (although that was a flame beginning to burn) in general as I was with the Stars. I watched them play...and it was interesting, exciting! Nobody else did it for me.

A name that kept popping up over the playoffs was Mike Modano. Another instantly, he was noticed and placed under the Michael Guerin file for later use. Needless to say, after watching Modano, I fell in love with him. He is one of the most amazing players I have ever seen touch a puck. His skills, his speed, his grit, his two-way makes my heart flutter.

Okay, so I also find him extremely good looking. But that's not the reason I love him. It's just an added plus.

The Stars lost to the NJ Devils that season, but I was so hooked on hockey I couldn't wait for the next season. All summer long I learned more and more about Mike Modano and the Stars. I even learned what all those abbreviations meant on those stat sheets! I learned plays, nicknames, calls,, and I loved it all. When the season started I watched every game I could, and those I couldn't I read about on the internet. I cheered for my team and let my NJ friend know that the Stars were coming back to reclaim the title.

Despite all my cheering (and I'm convinced it's because I have the curse...the one that's stopped UCLA from a championship and the Dodgers from a pennant) they lost in the second round. From that point on, I cheered for any team that had the possiblity of beating the Devils or the Avalanche. Devils, for obvious reasons, and the Avs b/c I am so sick and tired of ppl thinking they're so great. Roy is a chicken head and Joe Sakic...tired of hearing about you in the newspaper. That's space that should be reserved to talk about my Mikey Mo.

Anywayz, fate had it that it was a Avs/Devils final. So who did I cheer for? Nobody at first, until I fell in love with the Devils. What can I say? They were losing and Jason Arnott got hit in the head with a cute. They're like puppy dogs. Anyway, yeah, so I grew to love the Devils (must be a freudian thing) and, of course, they lost. Hohum.

This in turn lead to my latest on-ice obsession: Jason Arnott. He is a great player. Hands down. A six foot and four inch lean, mean, puck shooting machine. Plus, he got hit in the head with a hockey puck. So A big guy-so vulnerable-like a puppy dog! I can't resist. :) (I'm not really that crazy, ppl) Oh yeah, and he also has the body of a god. Did I forget to mention that? Oh well, yeah, he's very sexy.

But honest, I love his puck handling skills waaaay more than his rock hard abs...


October of my sophmore year, my friend Sapna who had just moved here from Michigan introduced me to this wonderful amazing sport called lacrosse. Lax has now become my life...I live, breathe, think The two are interchangeable. :)

I have many many stories to tell about all my adventures in lax, but those will probably be better suited on my lax site, or in my memory webpage. The two of which I hope to build soon (actually, I built a lax site for my team, but had to delete it. Ack! The horrors of an old comp).

(Now onto the non-reality portion)


The show...oh my goodness...I am obsessed. First, I was obsessed with Brendan Fehr/Michael Guerin. Loved him and all his Canadian goodness (yes, I am a canuckophiliac). He led to my love of hockey, so I owe much to him. Loved him and all the M/M goodness...thought Maria/Majandra rocked. Until...

I entered the amazing world of Kyle and Tess.

Kyle, Kyle, Kyle....Nick, Nick, Nick. I love him. Great character...great actor. Check out Fic-O-Rama (in the links page) and the Kyle Valenti Estrogen Brigade to learn why. Or read one of my fics as I try to capture the wonderful essence that is Kyle. Same thing goes for Tess...thanks go out to both these characters for breaking up that horrible monotony and pukeyness that is Max and Liz!

Law & Order

I love this It's great...I think my sister and I have seen every episode ever made b/c every summer we watch reruns of it on A&E, TNT, NBC, and USA. They come on at like 12, 1, 5, 7, 9, 10, and 11. So we're talking L&O all day, all the time, every day. I love Lenny Briscoe! Go Baby's dad! :) And

Fan Fiction

I live, breathe, and eat fan fic (you thought I was going to say think, didn't you?). I read it; I write it; I wish I could write it the way I read it. Lol, there are some amazing authors out there. Notably Elizabeth, Trixie, Bennie, Aelita, Whirling Girl, Whiteotter, Lady Lioness...the list goes on an one. And one, it's like that though. And she has this website where it's all on the moon and gray...great fics. Gotta find that and link it to the links page.

Well, moving on...I wish I could write like them...but I can't. My fics can be found at the Kingdom of Tula, Guilty Pleasures, By Starlight, and soon Extra Sugar and RSA. They can also be found on other smaller sites and ezboards across the internet.

I'm most well known for the What-If Series, although, I wish sometimes I wasn't. I wrote that a few years back, and when I read's like looking back on your 9th grade essays and wondering how you ever thought you could write!

My Other Websites

Modano Lovers V.2.0 (Nice way of saying that I lost all the stuff from the original site when my comp crashed) *Note, I no longer update this. Amazing how after I stop updating I get like 3000 visitors..*g* Dead, but still online.

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The Roswellian's Final Departure Role-Playing-Game Dead, but still online.

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The Men of Hockey Dreams A clique for those who love the men who play hockey. Inspired by the original hockey-dreams yahoo group. Dead, but still online.

the bch clique: Do you love Brett Hull? lol, do you like baby chick hair and raspy, sexy, whiskey soaked voices? Thought so. ALIVE

The Spotlight: where all the really good fics go to shine. Here you'll find my favorites fics. Dead, but still online.

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