Back Burner

Zee Back burner is where you will find all my story ideas. That way you know that I'm not just twiddling my thumbs over here. I'm twiddling them while thinking.


The End of the World: What would was the future like before Max went back into the past? K/T life in the future.

Untitled: Exploration into the reason Kyle's mom left and all the repercussions...

Untitled/Fairy Tales: 6 vignettes, sorta like Philosophy 101. Tess as the Virgin Mary/Danae-esque character; Liz-Judith; Isabel-Little Mermaid; Haven't thought of the others yet.

Tonight I Can Write: Two part fic based on the poem. Kyle's reaction to M/T and Max's reaction to K/T. Inspired cause Espanol is so cool that the same poem can have two different translations.

Untitled: Crossover between 'Law and Order' and 'Roswell.' Tess is killed..dun dun dun...takes place as if 2nd season never happened. Logan and Briscoe investigate, not sure who I want for the lawyers yet..

The Story of Us: Three: Yeppers...I know I's coming along slowly. But I now know where I want it to go, it's all outlined. When I had an outline for An Affair to Remember it took me 2-3 weeks. Expect the same here.

Sonnet 73: Another poem inspired fic. Tess and the other aliens are dying, how will the humnoids react? Pretend all the horribleness of Season 2 didn't happen.

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner: AU fic--Tess brings Kyle home. Kyle is human, but that shouldn't matter...right?

Untitled: Thomas Harding: he liked to write novels about characters that make one tiny little mistake that permamently ruins their lives. Hmm...Tess...Tess Harding. Makes one tiny mistake? Worth exploration.

The Metamorphosis: Tess turns into a gerbil. To all the idiot people who think she's a gerbil and should die. Kafka..mmm. Loved Gregor, hated the family. Yet the twist at the end..gets me everytime.



The Unlikely Romance of Jason Arnott: Inspired by The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman, but won't even be close to following it. Jason meets girl. Girl and Jason become friends. Jason and girl become close. Girl sleeps with Jason. Love or just sex?

Untitled: I wanna do a Hull story--don't know on what yet. Funny? Serious? Probably both. Maybe on his new season with the Wings. I did it!! how to kill mike modano

Untitled: Menage a Trois-ish. Jason/Some Girl/Some Guy or Jason/Some Girl/Some Girl. Haven't decided which--Jason falls in love with Girl. Starts to have feeling for Guy. Or Jason is involved with Girl, who begins exploring her own sexuality after kiss from Other Girl. Haven't decided which b/c haven't decided how angsty I want it to be and whether I want it Girl centered or Jason centered. i sorta did it! lives of silent desperation

Untitled: Mo, or possibly, Jason receives a season ending injury. I'm figuring knee, but I wanted to go stick to the eye. But that would require too much research. Or possibly a Brian's Song thing where a guy has to go through rehab and his cute teammate helps him through it. ;)

Leaving Stevie: Couple more parts to go dealing with infertility, vascetomy, boredom. Not sure if I want to go onto several different couples or stick with the Stevie story line. May do both.

Various Cheese Sandwich: Bennie's two choices (NHL or Emmy?)done! the doppler effect; Possible Tellqvist?; LOD-Eric?


Untitled: Inspired by "The Messenger". A Jehan d'Aulon pov-what was he dreaming about in the movie?

Untitled: Inspired by "Braveheart." Wedding scene.