Tammy and Melissa's DC Fan Fics, Etc.

Who is Melissa? She is the great, the wonderful being that is my sister. I owe many things to her-she introduced me to X-Files, BtVS, DC, and fanfic. Thus leading to my many obsessions today.

Plus, she ain't that bad of an older sister.

Fan Fics

True Feelings
The parody that started it all.

Dream On
Pacey isn't quite himself...

Unhappily Ever After
The gang goes on 'Night Stand.'

Meeting Jen: Part 1, 2, 3
A parody of the episodes where Dawson, Joey, and Pacey first meet Jen.

Chasing Abby

Chasing Abby: Continued
Chasing Amy: DC Style.

Episode Commentaries

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

To Green, With Love

Sadly, this is all we have left of Tammy and Melissa's fics. We had many many more that were all deleted or are lost somewhere on the net. The Blair Bitch Project is lost somewhere on my old bla-bla acct--Bla-bla has changed their entire layout and gone to a new cooler server...where BBP is, I have no idea. I think the addy used to be bla-bla.com/mulderlvr9 or /mulderlvr....I really can't remember. Maybe I should write these things down, but that would require thinking. Ho hum.

Then again, we wrote all our stories down but they were all deleted off our hardrive so...