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Sweet Valley High Fics

Untitled Continued
Jessica has her sights on Liz's ex-boyfriend. Is it love? Or just a passing fling?


...who is like god?

Winter Olympic challenge: Mikael Tellqvist and Mikael Renberg of the Swedish Hockey Team and their relationship. Finished
March 2002.

The Longest Week...

Jason Arnott (and McKay & draft pick) traded for Joe Nieuwendyk (and Langenbrunner). How was the first week? Finished
April 2002.

Love, Love

Chrissy's b-day ficlet. Khabi/V. Bure. Campy and..Finished
May 2002.


Člen určitý Cíl is Czech for "The End." Back story ficlet to Lives of Silent Desperation (back story to The Longest Week...). Patty ponders his relationship. Finished
May 2002.

I Am Steve McQueen

sdq's b-day fic. Sean Avery ponders over the question: Why does everybody love Steve Yzerman? Finished
May 2002.


"If These Walls Could Talk" take on adultery. Three different stories about three different relationshiops from three different decades. Finished
June 2002.

...and Run

Inspired by Liz Phair's "F*ck and Run." Tag to rw's college fic..the chapter where..lol, the boyfriends are bad [which is every chapter] Finished
June 2002.


Really short tag to Party Hard. I should probably just post it here. :) Finished
July 2002.

Leaving Stevie

A series of fics about wives/etc. leaving their husbands/etc. In Progress
July 2002.

Twenty Years Now Lost

Companion to the first chapter of Leaving Stevie. Finished
August 2002.

Hindsight 604800

Companion to the first chapter of Leaving Stevie. Unknown/named narrator spends a week with Stevie. Finished
July 2002.

The Doppler Effect

Sliding Doors Cheese Sandwich! *raises arms* Woo! Micke has to make a choice that could completely alter his life...choose along with him. Finished
August 2002.

Maybe in Michigan Too

Twilight Zone/Hockey Crossover, of sorts. Future fic: a look at Stevie and his slowly degenerating relationship with his daughter. Finished
July 2003.

Remnants of a Quiet Summer

Chistov looks back on a previous summer, previous relatoinship, and wonders about his current one. Finished
May-June 2003.

A Trick of the Light

That's all it is, right? Jason Arnott post-trade musings. Finished
July 2003.

Devil's Advocate

Frala b-day ficlet. Paul Kariya stares at the sky and contemplates constellations, chess, and Wayne Gretzky. Finished
July 2003.

Mercury in Retrograde

Jason Arnott knocks a girl up. Petr has issues. Finished
December 2003.

Now and Then

Owen Nolan gets pregant. Yes, mpreg. Finished
January 2004.

Growing Up

Coach Torts hates Vinny Lecavalier. Chrissy's VDay present. Finished
February 2004.

A Sorta Fairy Tale

Jason Arnott thinks about losing his virginity. Finished
February 2004.

and so she fell

The Anaheim Mighty Ducks plane crashes. Nobody survives. Entry for Bernie's Hate Fic Challenge. Finished
March 2004.


Petr is old and retired. He goes to Wasaga to visit an old friend. Finished
March 2004.

In House

Bill Guerin likes to keep things "in house." For Dev. <3 Finished
April 2004.

The Last High

It's the end of the world and Jason Arnott feels fine. (A change in the ocean's currents leads to a rapid melting of the polar icecaps which changes the Earth's climate and eventually everything gets really really cold. No special cameos from Dennis Quaid) Finished
June 2004.

Might Could

What's second place to a hockey player? On the ice--it's a loss. Off the ice--it's more. Jason Arnott muses. Finished
Fall 2004.

As Is

Red Sox win it all. How do the Dallas boys from Boston celebrate? B. Guerin/S. Young Finished
November 2004.

Rest (Remix)

Darcy's brother-in-law, Shayne Corson, suffers from panic attacks. These are his truths and his TRUTHS. Tucker/Corson Finished
May 2004.

how to kill mike modano

Mike had a tough season last year--worst ever. He later blamed his performance on monetary issues, but most people think it had more to do with being swindled and losing trust in those around him than losing a couple of million dollars. Finished
January 2006

Ancient Measures

Darcy Tucker and Shayne Corson set out on a roadtrip to go see Darcy's dying father. Written for Bern's hockey challenge prompt "Roadtrip."
September 2006.


Joe thornton is drunk. Written for Bern's hockey challenge prompt "loss."
October 2006.


Jim Fox's career ending knee injury was followed by 17 seasons as the Los Angeles Kings' color analyst. Written for Bern's hockey challenge prompt "Rookie / Mentor."
October 2006.

A Medicine for Melancholy

Avery is traded from the Wings to the Kings in 2003. Life isn't exactly easy for Sean. Finished
October 2006

The Unlikely Romance of Jason Arnott

What happens when Jason finds romance off-ice? Will it affect his game on the ice? And if it does, who will he choose? The Cup, an inanimate object he's based his entire life around, or possibly his true love? The fact that the word 'monogomy' can't be found in his vocabulary only further complicates things. Not to mention the fact that he and 'true love' are just friends. In Progress
April-July 2002.

Off Beats

Uh, a little different from the normal fic. Clipped, cut off, and uh... off beat.

My Favorite Underwear

Back in Jersey, before the trade, Jason thinks about all the things that annoy him about Petr. Finished.
November 2003


Bernie's All Star Game challenge. Must involve food. Doan/Tkachuck/Roenick
March 2004.

Exchange Value

Playoff ficlet. Arnott/Sykora; Arnott/Kapanen. Inspired by Marx's "Commodities": The value of a commodity, therefore, varies directly as the quantity, and inversely as the productiveness of the labour incorporated in it. A thing can be a use-value, without having value. ... Such are air, virgin soil, natural meadows... Finished.
April 2004

A Slow, Continuous Burn

Trainer walks into something interesting after a game. Shark slash, I know. Takes place the season after the Sharks gutted their team. You know that fucked some people up. Harvey/Preissing, Harvey/Bradley. Somewhere between WIP and Finished
May 2004

Clumsy (Remix)

Remix challenge. Remember Chrissy's fic Clumsy (fka Beautiful Child) Rewrote the first chapter from a diff pov.
June 2004.

Other Deportes


Kournikova/Hingis femslash. Tennis ficlet. Finished.
September 2002


7 Days, 7 Nights

A collection of shorts ranging from GH tags, to ditties inspired by the Miracle on Ice, fake!lj conversations, and 'The Season,' written over a span of 7 days and 7 nights.
August 13-20, 2003.

Five Minute Ficcage, Sequel to FMF

Lira's All Star Game challenge. Any pairing from the ASG. Chose to do mine in five minutes. Wrote a followup later.
February 1, 2003.

Lyric Drabble Memeage

A collection of drabbles, ficlets inspired by various lyrics.
October 26 - November 3, 2004.