Philosophy 101

Title: Philosophy 101; 6/6

By: Tammy

Category: Other/Multi POV

Summary: One by one, everyone in Roswell answers the question: If a tree falls in a forest, but nobody is around to hear it, does the tree make a sound?

* * *

Part VI

If a tree falls in a forest, but nobody is around to hear it, does the tree make a sound?

The Human:


Whatís the one thing that makes humans so different from other animals or species?

Is it our ability to love? To forgive?

No, itís our opposable thumb.

Wait, nix that thought. Have to remember those chimps and, of course, the aliens.

In the beginning there was Max...geez, I sound like the bible. If Iím going to go that route, I might as well inflate the ego: In the beginning there was me and my not so perfect life. But it was mine. I had a girlfriend-a sweet girl named Liz who I kissed in the janitorís closet. Yeah, Iím a real classy guy. Sometimes I even pay for the girlís meal. Sorry, you got me started on monkeys and my immediate thought was Neanderthals. Back to the story.

People like to think that I had this big huge thing for Liz. That I was in love with her and was crazy obsessed over her and the fact that Max Evans stole her away from me. Oh yes, I was so horribly upset. Cried for days. But my dates with the entire cheerleading squad in the following weeks soon made me forget.

Aw, who am I kidding? I turned into a crazy stalker. I followed Max Evans around for a school year waiting for him to slip up. Surprisingly, it was I who slipped up and had to be rescued. And then God said, ďLet there be light.Ē

But there was none, because Iím not Christian and donít believe any of that shit. Iím into Buddhism, in case, youíve been asleep for the last year. What can I say? Football camp is rather trivial when an alien brings you back to life. Speaking of which-why the hell did it take Max five minutes to decided whether or not he wanted to save me? My father, apparently, didnít notice this. Which was why he thought he ďowedĒ Max the entire year. Hello? You save my ass, I save yours. Not, you save my ass, and I save yours until my entire life is screwed over.

My dad was never too fast on those math problems. Must be genetic-I got a C in algebra.

Anyway, my dad decided he owed Max. So he tells him itís okay for Tess to live with us, and for her to take over my room. Thanks a lot, Dad. Thank you for letting some hussy alien come live with us. Thank you for allowing her to mess with all my stuff, steal my jerseys, and change all the soap in the house to that flowery smelling gel stuff.

Thanks so much for the lumpy couch. Big t.v. aside, our living room ainít that great.

Thanks so much for letting this alien take over the house. Making sure I had clean socks, food in the cupboards, and someone to banter with when I had nothing to do on a Friday night.

Tess was cute and fun. She tried so hard during the holidays to have a perfect Beaver-Cleaver dinner. She asked me to trim her lamp and I asked her to the prom. I told her I thought of her as a sister. She told me she was disappointed, but would live. She was obsessed over Max Evans, and kissed him in the schoolís hallway causing Liz to flail off through the double door exit.

She was human.

And thatís how she slipped under my radar. Max was...Max. Foreign, alien, creepy, and the guy who was dating my ex-girlfriend. Guerin was a freak and thereís no way a human would look as good as Isabel Evans or wear that much leather in the desert.

But Tess...she complained about my smelly feet and she cried when the boy she liked, didnít like her back. I lied to her and she lied to me.

I told her I thought of her as a sister.

She mind warped me into believing Alexís body was a duffel bag.

I told her I thought she was family, but she had betrayed me. And I would never forgive her.

But I will.

I already have.

Iím human. Damn opposable thumbs.

Tree? Of course the tree doesnít make a sound. If nobody was there to hear it, how do you know the tree just didnít grow that way?

The End.

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