Now Going Under Construction: Will have new recs (these were done haphazardly about 2 years ago or more) in a nicer format in the upcoming weeks. Leaving the old up for.. uhhh..whoever stumbles upon this page.

Let it be duly noted that anything on my links page means that you're probably gonna find some great fic, unless, of course, it's not a fic site. ie Bennie's Fics, Fic-O-Rama...

9/2 I'm a whore b/c I haven't updated in a while. And Jesus Christ, has there ever been ficcage. Maybe that's why--too busy gasping and crying and laughing and basically paying homage to those who write so well. I cannot even begin to describe the following fics by these amazing authors. Just utterly compltely fantastic:

Holy Fudge. Check out Edelweiss and Ravenous and Iris and Supernova. Too superb.

Read *everything* on this site. Blows my freaking mind.

Check out her latest addition to the BC universe. Fanfuckingtastic.

Omg, why did it take me so long to find Ultraviolet? It is just...the ending is better than the beginning.

Check out her latest pwp and Sweet Dreams b/c her writing is so amazing. I want to eat it.

Join h-d so that you can become privy to Lira's latest. I'm part of the Lira fan club because she's so great. I can't even put into words how wonderful it was to see her ff's just..her words are..see..*points to self* Speechless.

*cries* I wish I had something better to say to make you want to read these fics. Oh wait, I do! *g* Check out eclectic. I still have to update that too, unfortunately.

7/11 Eeeeeeee! Time to squeam cause Chrissy posted No Less Than the Trees and the Stars. It's about Dom and eating disorders and, as usual, the writing is delish. And hell, I'm snipping an entire paragraph: "In the end, that's why I left, because I could feel myself moving towards that point again. The System was overwhelming me. Had I stayed, I would have ended up in the hospital again, and I can't let that happen. I can't let it go that far again, because I'm not sure I could survive it this time. The way the doctors looked at me, the way I knew by instinct that I could not tell them about the System because they would not understand...there was no way I could go through that again. I had to leave, I had to hide, I had to get away from the System. I had to get away to a place where I could survive with just my weak real self, a place where, perhaps, I could get stronger, finally free of the System. Lying in bed at night, it seemed likethe perfect plan."

6/29 Why the freak am I reading N'Sync fic? I don't quite know, but I'm liking it. Check out Synchronik's What I Do.

Aww..feck. I read some more of her stuff and I really like it. *hides head in shame*

5/17 Eee! James has just started writing Captive Heart but I'm already squealing over it. So check it out and read it and love it. Just like me. And don't be afraid to squee.

5/9 Welcome to the rec room and do I have one hell of a rec for you: Taste of This by Frala. It's the sequel to Every Blinding Curve, and to quote Liralen, "fanfuckingtastic." Trevor and Thomas are so amazingly wonderful. They're in love and they're sexy and they're too amazing for words. Orgasmic. Their relationship is orgasmic. You'll read this fic and fall in love with them. You'll want to adopt them and you'll melt into a puddle every time they hug or kiss. Chrissy turned into goo, and frankly, so did I. Every part brought a smile to my face and instantly made me feel all squiggly inside. Trevor and Thomas are so human...they're nervous and anxious, yet so secure with who they are and their sexuality that it's a fresh of breath air from the usual angst out there.

4/20 Hola. Looking for good ficcage? Check out Frala's latest: Every Blinding Curve. Trevor Linden's billet family are the Hulls. Interesting possibilities for all us BCH gals.
More hockey fics coming your way via Chrissy's Beautiful Child. Boyd and Stevie Y. of the Red Wings. Boyd has had a crush on Stevie since he was a teenager--now he plays for the Wings and Stevie's his captain! Aiee! Read this good slashy..uh goodness.

3/4 Hello, again. Long time no see. Rec of the moment? Drumroll (short, b/c we have a long list) please... Chris F's Splinters. Hockey rps--loved it when I first read it and it later inspired Everyday which is another must read. Short, yet lovable--wait until you read Everyday. And be sure to check out The Things We Do And stop giving me those weird looks. I don't like wrestling...I didn't even know it was wrestling when I first read it. But it's good, so read it.

Hmm..what else? Em's Fics Go there and read Beatles fic..and read her reviews. Fudge, even her reviews are good. Again, don't laugh at me. I've loved everything else she's written, so taking the jump to a fandom I've never read before was no big deal. She wrote this a while ago, but she's working on a sequel, so you better go read it.

And more hockey. :) Perchance to Dream A whole bunch of rps, tame to untame, Metallica to hockey. So far, I've only read Frala's two Lindros fics and AJ's Wings one. I don't know if I can stomach reading the wrestling ones. Anywho: I'm On My Way Lindros/LeClair NC-17. Frala keeps all her NC-17 together, so if you're not into that you can just skip over it. Absolutely amazing; I was blown away by her writing. The relationship between these two men is just..utterly heartbreaking, it's so wonderful. lol, there aren't even words.
Frala continues to amaze in Fire Off Ice Another Lindros fic, and while I'm not a Lindros fan, I should be after reading that. She must've memorized his autobiography cover to back or be his long lost sister, because the detais--so excruciatingly enjoyable. Her writing makes hims so complex, so loveable, so hatable. He's no Mary-Sue. Lindros is involved with Theo, yet he's always had a crush on must read it. Again, if sex ain't your cup of tea, skip it. Lol, yep, all that stuff in the middle, skip it. She sent it to the list in 3 parts, so it made it much easier for me. Again, Frala captures Eric perfectly.

2/4 Go to Shadows of on Fan on Anna Begins by LilahRos...prepare for total domination. J/k about the last part. Read it, love it like I did. Max meets a new girl named Anna-she's so different from Liz, can she make him forget her? Max returns to Roswell and tragedy strikes over milkshakes. Beautifully written. Also, don't forget to check out the poetry section--you just might be amazed.

1/2 Get your ass over to KoT and check out Ali's "Addict". So horrible-so awful-so disgustingly great, you have to read it. I felt like puking half-way through it (yeah, that's a good thing). First accurate portrayal of drugs in a long time. Oh yeah, and time to sing praise to Nicole Anell again--just another Catfighter fic? Hell no. Read and weep suckers.

12/4 Nicole Anell did it again with World of Fiction (An Afterward) . It's a Maria POV set after Departure...the girl's a freaking genius. Read and be amazed; Check out Jess' This World, Then The Next. Not only is it good, but Jess is a hockey whore too, so that immediately bumps up her creds;The Last Beautiful Girl: I normally don't like to rec fics that will never be finished...but Charlie's Alex POV is an absolute must read. You can only guess as to who he actually ends up marrying, but...Anyways, this was bumped up to the top at RRR and is slowly disappearing. I didn't want it to disappear completely since he says he won't be coming back to it or any Roswell fics in general, so I wrote to him asking him if I could archive it on my site. He said no, so I'm waiting for a reply so I can link it to a site that houses it. For some reason, I think he's thinking my site is big and has lots of fics on

12/3 ::Sigh::...Thirteen Years's just one of those feel good fics. Not entirely foofy, yet light enough and happy enough to give you that good old feeling. :) Backfire Hmm....why did I like it? Don't, just struck a chord..pulled a heart string..insert cliche...somewhere along the way.

11/27 So it's stated above that said author Bennie doesn't need a rec. But oh ho ho...she does. Went back these past few days and read I'm No Buffy, Rage, For All, and When Destiny Falters. Unfreaking believable. You gotta read these and send her massive humongous emails thanking her for gracing our reading skills with her stories' presence.

11/20 Was over at the Shadow board and stumbled upon an M/M fic. Haven't read many of those in a while-surprising, since they were my first favorites-but so glad that I found this one. AndHerLittleChickenToo's 'Variable' is just utterly...amazing? wonderful? orgasmic? Yes, orgasmic. You will read this fic and it will curl your toes--it is that good. Trust me. Read it, and you will fall in love with it. Only one problem-she doesn't update fast enough! lol; Rec #2 on the night: Lunakid's Doll Parts. I love evil Tess. :p

11/12 Aelita's been a goddess and has been updating with a vengeance over at K of T. One of the newest additions that really stuck out was Darkchilde's Remember or Believe. All around a great piece-well written, and great idea. Delves into the Royal Four and their past lives and what they were *really* like.

10/27 Was ambling along at Roswell Revealed when I found PWAC's fics. Which one should you read? All of them. *g* The ones I read, were amazing. Her M/L ones are probably amazing too, but I didn't read those...yet...never? Lol, I think I'm on a M/L mini-boycott.

Nehal's Milk and Honey can be found at Shadows of Roswell. Why should you check it out? B/c it's extremely well written and an interesting plot-line...Roswell and the Bible? Yes, it works.