Previous Updates

12/31: New Other Fic: (Hockey) Rest (Remix)
12/29: New Other Fics: (Hockey) Might Could, As Is,
(Off Beats) My Favorite Underwear, Watch, Exchange Value, A Slow Continuous Burn, Clumsy (Remix),
(Shorties) Five-Minute-Ficcage, Lyric Meme Drabbles
6/21 New Other Fics: (Hockey) In House, The Last High
3/29 New Other Fics: (Hockey) Mercury in Retrograde, Now and Then, Growing Up, A Sorta Fairy Tale, and so she fell, Evolution

9/21 New Other Fic under Shorties: 7 Days, 7 nights
7/29 Two New Other Fics: A Trick of the Light, and Frala's b-day ficlet
7/18 New Other Fic: Remnants of a Quiet Summer
7/17 New Other Fic: Maybe In Michigan Too
7/13 Changed colores

9/2 New Other Fic: She; New Clique; New Links; New Recs
8/12 Super Stevie, an Almighty Chrissy creation..; New Other Fic: The Doppler Effect
8/2 Cleaned up Links Page
7/14 New Rec; New journal; New Other Fics: Ch. 1 of Leaving Stevie, Bear, Twenty Years Now Lost, Hindsight 604800
6/27 Lots of Quizzes added b/c it's what we do in
6/14 Won a RSA All Time Greatest UC Fic Award. Thanks everyone!
6/8 New Other Fic: Run; AND CHRISSY, I'M NOT EVIL!
6/1 New Other Fic: Whisper; Added new link at the bottom of the 'About Me' page
5/20 3 New Other Fics: Love, Love; Cil; I Am Steve McQueen; New Recs
5/12 New Roswell Fic: Brown Eyes
5/7 New quizzes; Nominated at the Roswell Sky Awards for best ever uc fic.
4/25 3 New Awards--Thanks to everyone who voted. :) New Links
4/20 More Recs
4/4 New Other Fic: The Longest Week...
3/31 New Fic: Other; ..who is like god?
3/4 More recs; Started new Other Fic w/out finishing Arnie..yep, I'm bad..
2/27 New Section: Quizzes; Nominated at Roswell Sky Awarrds
2/4 1 New rec; almost done with Other Fic: The Unlikely Romance of Jason Arnott
1/17 New Section: Back Burner
1/2 Happy New Year! New Roswell fic: Suppose and 2 recs.
12/4 New Roswell Fic by Charlie-The Last Beautiful Girl; 5 new recs
11/27 New Roswell Fic: Losing Yourself in the Fog (Tess POV); New Rec
11/20 Two new recs.
11/15 Spaz out, my comp is wonky and I'm afraid to save any more fics on it ezboard to type them up while I wait for my new comp.
11/12 New Rec
11/4 I've been nominated at the Roswell Sky Awards
11/2 Ooo la la, a guestbook! Roswell Slash finally updated and archived Fingerprints. Thanks David!
10/27 New Recs Page and Learn More About Tammy
10/22 Picasso's Mistress, a Snapshot, and The Story of Us, a Nasedo & Tess pov series, added to Roswell Fics.
9/30 Added New Roswell Fic: Untitled, under Other section
9/20 New Roswell Fic: The Yearning
9/17 New Roswell fic: Fingerprints
9/16 New parts to Philosophy 101 added in the Roswell Fic archive.