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7/13/03 Changed look
6/14/02 Won RSA's All Time Greatest UC Fic Award. Click here to see it.
5/12/02 Brown Eyes
4/25/02 Won 3 New Purty Awards thanks to all my readers! Click here to see them. :)
2/27/02 Nominated at Roswell Sky Awards
1/2/02 K/T future fic: Suppose
12/4/02 New Roswell Fic by Charlie-The Last Beautiful Girl
11/27/02 Losing Yourself in the Fog-a new Tess pov I've been thinking about since I finished Kesey's Cuckoo's Nest and watched 'Departure'
11/4/02 I've been nominated in the Roswell Sky Awards
10/22/02 Picasso's Mistress, a Snapshot, and The Story of Us, a Nasedo & Tess pov series, added.
9/24/02 Added an old untitled fic based on a challege; New fics The Yearning and Fingerprints are up; Parts 4, 5, and 6 added to Philosophy 101.

Tammy's Roswell Fics


The What-If Series:
Ambiguous Resolutions
Implicit Remarks
Becoming Human

The What-If Series is a series of trilogies. A trilogy within a trilogy per se. This series revolves around Michael and the persons he touched during his lifetime. He leaves Roswell after highschool, and returns with a wife. One eventful day spins his entire life out of control spiraling it into a series of "what-if's."


(My legacy! :) I've done Others ever since WIS)

The Stranger

A stranger comes to Roswell with a past as mysterious as the other three podsters.

A Different Kind of Alone

2 3 4 5 TBC...

Inspired by Elizabeth's Within, this story has a bit of a twist...what if Max was put into a very different white room? How would Roswell change? CC's all around at first...


CC challege that picks up after the foursome learn about their destinies. 2001.

Imagined Scenes*

Dare to enter the realm of stream of consciousness? Married life future fic-learn about life with Max.
February 2002.

My First Date*

Max and Tess' first date(s). Read if you're a if you're a dreamer. As always, there's a twist.
February 2002.

Had To*

Someone's getting married and someone had to cry. A Tess fic...what can I say, I got on a kick. But don't be a it even if you aren't a Tess fan.
February 2002.

Philosophy 101*

2 3 4 5 6

After, Departure, everyone in Roswell answers the age old question: "If you were a tree, what tree would you be?" No...j/k The age old question: If a tree falls in a forest, but nobody is around to hear it, does the tree make a sound?
February 2002.

The Story of Us:
An Affair to Remember* (Nasedo pov)
**This fic won a Roswell Sky Award! Click here to see it.
**This fic is also a winner of RSA's All Time Greatest Award. Click here to see it.
Three (Tess pov)

The Story of Us is a a past/present/future fic. Starts with Nasedo, traces Tess' childhood, then fills in all the holes of Season two. Will not go past season two, so season three will have no effect on it, even if I'm still writing it then.

Losing Yourself in the Fog*

How exactly do you explain the whacked out behavior of Tess in the 2nd season? J(er)K being an idiot writer...well, yes, or she may just have a different outlook on life. Depature, Kesey style :"Black boys in white suits up before me to commit sex acts in the hall and get it mopped up before I can catch them."
February 2002.


Suppose for a second that Alex never died. And then think. Strange K/T ff written quickly at 3 a.m.
**This fic won a Roswell Sky Award! Click here to see it.
April 2002.

Brown Eyes

Casting mistake on the parts of the creators of the show. gen, Liz musings
July 2002.


Fics inspired by poetry.


F/F fic inspired by Secret Agent. Short and foofy.
**This fic won a Roswell Sky Award! Click here to see it.
April 2002.

The Yearning*

Tess pov fic inspired by The Yearning. Expands on the idea that Tess never wanted the dreams involving her and Max.
February 2002.

Picasso's Mistress*

Kyle pov fic inspired by Picasso's Mistress. What would have happened if Tess had chosen not to keep the baby?
February 2002.

Other Author's Roswell Fics

The Last Beautiful Girl

By: Charlie
An Alex POV; FF; through VLV

He preferred not to have it archived, but it is a must read, so drop me an email and I'll drop you the link.

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